The notion of Deborah Birx that Paxlovid stops Covid DEATHS is ridiculous.

PERHAPS a modest effect on hospitalization, but DEATHS? No.

"Paxlovid showed no significant reduction in the risk of all-cause mortality on day 28 and the duration of SARS–CoV-2 RNA clearance in hospitalized adult COVID-19 patients with severe comorbidities."


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2021: 67% efficacy https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/07853890.2022.2034936

By 2022, with BA.2.2, paxlovid had already started losing efficacy, as shown. It did have efficacy, pre-Omicron, but that was already getting bypassed by early Omicron variants. At this point, it's effectiveness is very minimal, if at all.

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Birx is a murderer. Remember her piece of cardboard with testing that never happened!?

I know more about sarscov2 than she does.

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My sister who had meth psychosis killed herself on april 5. She jumped out of the 5th floor window. I am heartbroken. But also- not one person reached out to us. Not from

Her city leased building, not the coroner, not the police, no one. Only her son, my sister Lisa and I care about her. Her son is in prison…

We are all throw away people. None of us matter.

I can’t estimate the percentage of disabled and dead from sars that will result in action. But it will be billions…that I know.

We are all throw away people.

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So sorry for your loss. That is horrific and a tragic loss. Saying we are all throw away people implies there is someone that could throw you or anyone else away. That is not true.

Maybe some people are selfish and will step over you, put you down or kill anyone standing in their way but that makes them the pieces of crap that should be trashed.

Everyone has opportunities to bring value to this world everyday. Simply smiling or saying something nice to cheer somebody up as the potential to change the course of history. Ever hear of the butterfly effect?

We are often our own worst enemy but we are slaves to no one. We all make choices everyday to live the narrative of our own design. The narrative we tell ourselves often dictates how we feel, act and react. We have a new opportunity every minute of everyday to rewrite our story and make different choices, ask better questions, and get better answers. You can make the choices that can bring joy to your life and the lives around you. No there are no throw away people. We all do the best we can with what we have. You don't need anything more than a positive attitude to spread love and happiness into the world. Life is to short to allow the idea that others control how much your life is worth into your mind. I understand you may feel terrible in this moment but you are the only one that can pull yourself up and make the best of whatever the situation is. Sending love and hugs. 💕

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Apr 30, 2023Liked by TACT

Thank you. The plutocrats and oligarchs who run the world don’t care what happens to any of us.

My goal every day is to make life a little better for one person each day.

I worked with the building and they put in fall protection in all the windows. They are adding checking on window fall protection to all of the safety checks for all of the buildings they manage. I hope no other family has to go through what we are going through.

While I see the world as it is, I also try to make a difference for one person each day.

Thank YOU for doing what you do!

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