The notion of Deborah Birx that Paxlovid stops Covid DEATHS is ridiculous.

PERHAPS a modest effect on hospitalization, but DEATHS? No.

"Paxlovid showed no significant reduction in the risk of all-cause mortality on day 28 and the duration of SARS–CoV-2 RNA clearance in hospitalized adult COVID-19 patients with severe comorbidities."


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My sister who had meth psychosis killed herself on april 5. She jumped out of the 5th floor window. I am heartbroken. But also- not one person reached out to us. Not from

Her city leased building, not the coroner, not the police, no one. Only her son, my sister Lisa and I care about her. Her son is in prison…

We are all throw away people. None of us matter.

I can’t estimate the percentage of disabled and dead from sars that will result in action. But it will be billions…that I know.

We are all throw away people.

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